Use CBD oil for Neuroprotection

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Use CBD oil for Neuroprotection

Although the mechanisms of action are still little known, cannabidiol (CBD) shows strong neuroprotective properties that can be exploited in various fields. This also including neurological pathologies.
The scientific community is very interested in the study of cannabidiol (CBD) in the neuroscientific field.
The reason for this interest is the particular neuroprotective action that a high-quality CBD could exert based on the first – encouraging – results derived from studies conducted both in vitro and on animals and some humans.

CBD to reduce oxidative stress

In fact, cannabidiol has been shown to have a potential action to reduce oxidative stress that can affect brain cells.
This feature would make it a potential treatment in some well-known neurodegenerative diseases. Diseases that are related to Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.
By neurodegenerative diseases, we mean a very large and varied group of degenerative diseases that affect the central nervous system and which, in general, have a process of cell death of neurons as a common feature.
One of the first studies on the neuroprotective potential of cannabidiol was published in 1998 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
In the investigation, the action of cannabidiol was examined in cultures of cortical neurons from mice.


CBD effect in neuroprotection and antioxidant action

Years later, in 2004, a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Experimental Pharmacology of the University of Naples Federico II was published which aimed precisely at understanding what the impact of cannabidiol could be on oxidative itself. The researchers replicated some cannabidiol intervention scenarios in vitro.
The results, published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, showed that CBD had positive effects in terms of neuroprotection and antioxidant action. In the case of specific neurodegenerative diseases, as in the case of Alzheimer’s syndrome, some “single” results have led the scientific community to evaluate the use of cannabidiol.
The CBD, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, could mitigate the neuroinflammatory responses. The neuroinflammatory responses produced by the accumulation of the protein from which triggers the disease.
The loss of neuronal cells underlies the pathological decline in cognitive memory skills associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
The results presented so far in this article are only part of publications released by researchers around the world in this field.


Conclusion of Use CBD oil for Neuroprotection

So, is it possible to Use CBD oil for Neuroprotection?
According to US National Library of Medicine, the research indicates the phytocannabinoids have strong therapeutic potential.
CBD is of particular interest due to its lack of side effects and wide ranging capabilities in a variety of neurological diseases and conditions.
To explain the reason for the investigation of the neuroprotective action of CBD, we must consider this association between the excellent results of preclinical studies and medical articles describing the benefits of cannabidiol in individual patient cases.”

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