Side effects of using CBD oil

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Side effects of using CBD oil


What is CBD oil and what can CBD oil be used for?

CBD oil is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a substance that’s normally derived from the hemp plant (still, it is not always the case). Side effects of using CBD oilIt is proven that it presents several benefits and many people use it as medication, in order to prevent pain or certain diseases.
Science has shown the positive effects of using CBD oil. Positive effects include reduction of pain, an increase of sleep quality, diminution of anxiety and depression, reduction of nausea, improvement of heart health, and protection of the skin. In addition, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allowed CBD oil administration for some forms of epilepsy. So it can’t be denied that CBD oil would have beneficial consequences when administered well and for a good and clear purpose.
However, you need to pay attention to the CBD oil’s type quality and you have to carefully administer it. It is important to mention that not everybody can use it, in particular kids and pregnant women or people that have CBD intolerance.

Side effects of using CBD oil

There is no considerable scientific evidence for profound side effects after using CBD oil.
Still, you need to carefully use it. Especially at the beginning, in order to notice how your body reacts to this type of medication.
Nevertheless, according to the studies that have been made in this field, patients who are using CBD oil for several days, may have side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, fever, somnolence, or an increase of liver enzymes and liver inflammation.

Drowsiness/ Somnolence

You need to keep in mind that the interaction of CBD oil with other sedating medications can have negative effects on your body. Effects like causing strong somnolence.


Strong tiredness can appear after higher doses of CBD oil, which means people should better avoid using CBD oil before driving.
These side effects appear especially when people administer CBD oil for the first time(s) or when they increase dosages, as the body needs time to get used to the new “treatment”.

Diarrhea or liver problems

It is important to monitor the CBD oil administration, as it can lead to diarrhea or liver problems if used in too high quantity.

Nausea/ Vomiting

This side effect appears mostly to sensitive persons, who barely tolerate new medication or whose body needs more time to “accept” it.

Low blood pressure

If administered in high doses, CBD can lead to a diminution of blood pressure and lightheadedness, during the first minutes after administration.
Other more subtle side effects could be the symptom of dry mouth, low blood pressure, changes of mood, low appetite, or loss of weight.

Dry Mouth

Some people call this side effect “cotton mouth” because using CBD oil can make your eyes and mouth feel very dry.
We mention that all these side effects represent results of CBD trials, and they can manifest differently from one person to another. It is mandatory to take into account the way of administration as well and to keep in mind that topically and orally administration is generally encouraged and safe.
Another essential point when trying to avoid side effects of CBD oil is the interaction with other medications or pharmaceuticals. In order to avoid such problematic interactions, talk to your doctor about all the medication you are currently taking.

Skin risks

We have seen that CBD oil is helpful for numerous conditions, including skin problems. Still, applying CBD oil to the skin is a double-edged sword, as it is not risk-free. Even though science has not proven yet serious information about skin risks when using CBD oil, people need to know that it can lead to allergies. On the one hand, this could be a normal reaction, as the skin needs time to “recognize” and to adopt this type of medication.

How to administer CBD oil?

If you still want to use CBD oil, make sure you take all the necessary measures before, controlling liver enzymes and blood pressure, avoiding driving (because of the fatigue CBD oil may cause). Most important: start with little doses, helping your body to get used to the medication before increasing the quantity.

Choose the Proper Dosage to Avoid Side effects of using CBD oil

One easy thing you can make to avoid the side effects of using CBD oil the first time(s) is choosing the correct dosage. Of course, this depends on the reason why each person chooses to administer CBD oil. Because different doses of CBD oil may be beneficial for different infections or diseases. But as a general rule, try to only use little doses at the beginning, if possible.
As well, take into account the fact that individual dose is calculated according to the personal body weight. People who weigh less are allowed to take a lower dosage than people who weigh more.
Don’t forget that dosage depends on the method of administration as well. Keep in mind that there’s no official instruction about the perfect dosage of CBD oil, that could avoid side effects.
The basic dosage recommended by some brands is generally 5 mg/kg body weight each day. Consumers may increase the dosage to 5 mg/kg twice daily only after one week of administration. That means a total of 10 mg/kg per day would be allowed. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to control body reactions and to make the dosage lower if any side effect appears.
Another good idea is to speak to the doctor about correct dosages and possible side effects, according to each one’s health condition.

Conclusion of Side effects of using CBD oil

Even if scientific research data about side effects concerning the administration of pure CBD oil is relatively limited, experts say that it has normally low toxicity. Like any other medication, CBD oil leads to different effects, according to each individual who chooses to take it. Still, people who want to use this kind of medication need to take into account little dosages, until when the body adapts and feels ready to ingest a higher dosage.

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